State Mandated Organics-Rate Increase Options

California has adopted regulations requiring the separation and collection of your household food waste.   In order to meet these new regulations El Dorado Disposal has developed a program to minimize the cost impacts to you, by allowing food waste to be collected along with your yard waste.
However, there is no way around it, to accommodate this new mandate, rates will need to increase to meet these new regulations.  El Dorado Disposal has developed two options for consideration to be in compliance.  We would like your feedback on the two options, which will have differing associated rate increases.
The first option would include weekly curbside service for the combined food and yard waste. This would add $7.11 to your monthly bill.  This increase will double your yard waste service requiring an additional truck, driver, and route in your area. (You would place all three containers out on your normal recycle week and only two carts the next week). Based on feedback from our Pilot Program, this option would reduce the “Ick” factor: smells, decomposition, mold, and nuisances such as insects or animals, etc.
The second option, would maintain your every other week rotation collection service and will result in a $2.98 increase to your monthly bill.   The rate increase is related to the processing costs of the mixed material.  The food waste and yard waste mix must be taken to an approved organics processing facility that has a higher per ton cost and is located farther away than the current green waste only processor.  Service every other week will also increase the effects of the “Ick” factor.

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* 1. What service frequency would you prefer for food waste/yard waste cart?