1. Your story

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* 1. Please tell us a story about what you think has been the most significant change that has taken place in ......, since...

1. Significance is relative, in other words significant compared to all the other changes you have seen during this period
2. Change is always happening, very little stays exactly the same.

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* 2. Please tell us how you would classify your story, by choosing one or more of these descriptions below

  Yes Not sure No
This story is about xxxx
This story is about yyyy
This story is about zzzz
This story is about aaaa
This story is about bbbb
PS: If none of them seem to apply at all, tick No on each category
[Attn DOEN:
1. The more categories listed here the better, because this will then enable more unique specification of each story, and other stories with the same specifications are more likely to have similar contents.]
2. The categories could derive from both DOEN's OSBOS program objectives and other categories generated in local stakeholder workshops]

Question Title

* 3. Please write a one sentence headline, summarising what you think the story is about.

[Attn DOEN: This will enable respondents to give additional meaning to the specific set of categories they have chosen to describe their story]
[Attn DOEN - a limited number of other possible questions could be added here, relating to:
- when the story events happened, to allow filtering of stories by month or year
- how important the story was to the story teller, on a imple 5 point scale
- would this event have happened without DOEN support, with yes, maybe and no options]