This Survey only applies to Minnesota Homeowners.

Complete the questions below to pre-qualify for the “Field Study of an Intelligent, Networked, Retrofittable Water Heat Controller”.  If you pre-qualify, then you may proceed to the Site Information Worksheet linked at the bottom of the survey. 
The Site Information Worksheet is used to screen prospective sites regarding the type of water heater, water heater accessibility, internet access and accessibility, and water usage criteria, for potential participation in the “Field Study of an Intelligent, Networked, Retrofittable Water Heat Controller”. The first 50 qualified and approved sites will be contracted for project participation, in which an Aquanta unit will be installed at your home at no cost ($500-$800 value). 
Installations are scheduled by contractors, to take place in mid-2016.  A follow‐up visit may be made by GTI to validate the installation, and to set-up and calibrate the remote data collection equipment. 

Data collection begins immediately upon the unit being commissioned and will run through the remainder of 2016 and into 2017 (for 12 total months).  As part of the agreement, you will participate in 4-6 online surveys during the field test study.

* 1. Enter your 1) Full Name, 2) City (home location), and 3) Contact Info (phone and/or e-mail)

* 2. Enter the approximate measurement (feet + inches) of the external height of your water heater (tank/cylinder only)

* 3. Do you have a natural gas water heater or an electric water heater?

* 4. If you have a natural gas water heater, please look at the gas valve on your water heater in your home - then please compare it to the images below...
Does your valve resemble one of the valves by a green check valves or a red X?

Natural Gas Water Heater Valve Images:

Natural Gas Water Heater Valve Images:

* 5. You have a natural gas water heater with a gas valve resembling which of the valves above (1-4, from the row of green check valves)?

* 6. If you have an electric water heater, are you currently in any demand response or set-back load management program with your utility? 
Example programs include the Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Water Heater Program, Interruptible Water Heater Program, Peak Shave Water Heater Program, etc.

If you have qualified to proceed to the end of survey link, please follow the link below:  

Complete as much information as you can in the linked worksheet for project qualification.
Contact with any questions or comments. Thank you.