1. Teaching-Learning Academy - Winter 2010 - Opening Survey

Because we are a self-study group, it is traditional to begin each quarter with a survey.

Please provide the following information which we will use to get to know each other, develop a dialogue agenda for the quarter, and form mini-dialogue groups.

* 1. Name:

* 2. TLA Group:

* 3. Position:

* 4. What words, phrases, or images come to mind when you think of a reflective learning culture?

* 5. Last quarter, TLA participants developed this question to structure this year’s dialogue and action projects. We would like to divide people into mini-dialogue groups based on which strand they’re most interested in. Please indicate your top two interests.

What do WE mean by a sustainable, reflective learning culture? And how might we use that shared understanding to strengthen connections:

* 6. Anything else you want the TLA staff to know about your participation this quarter?