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* 7. Please list the HP Software products, solutions and services, as well as other HP products, that your company uses.

* 8. What major business opportunities or problem(s) did you aim to solve with HP Software? (max 1500 characters)

* 9. Please describe your implementation, including people, processes and technologies, and any points of integration. (max 3000 characters)

* 10. Please share your top IT performance improvement or describe why your organization's IT performance is best-in-class. Be sure to describe how the improvement enhances business outcomes. Weight is given to submissions that include quantifiable benefits—as a percentage or in absolute numbers (for example, specific cost savings, availability improvements, increased transaction rate, increase in market share, performance improvement, etc. such as “improved our “first time right” deployment metric from 75% to 99.99999%"
or "decreased failed changes from 10% to 0.001%" or "decrease in “Time to develop/market” from 18 months to 5 months"
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* 11. Please describe how IT performance improvements delivered business results that mattered to end customers, shareholders, etc. (e.g. faster delivery of new applications that customers want, increased revenue, environmental sustainability)

* 12. Please identify the marketing activities in which you/your company would be able to participate if chosen a winner of an HP Software Awards of Excellence. In the comment section, include any exceptions or further clarification regarding your participation level for each of the below items.

* 13. I have read the rules of participation http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/Awards-of-Excellence-Americas/HP-SOFTWARE-AWARDS-OF-EXCELLENCE-IN-IT-PERFORMANCE-2012-OFFICIAL/td-p/5603833 and I agree to the terms.