Program Overview

This program distributes car seats to families with children enrolled in MNPS schools in accordance with the Tennessee Child Safety Act of 1989. Please compete the registration form on the next page if you are the parent or guardian of at least one MNPS student. You must attend a one hour workshop provided on the same day as the seat distribution in order to be eligible to receive a car seat.  You must also complete the online registration form for each child in your household who may need a seat.  You must also complete an online registration form for each child in your household who may need a seat.  An MNPS Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician will confirm you attendance at the mandatory workshop prior to providing a car seat.  Seats will only be provided on the dates listed on the registration form.  Only the first 20 registrants will be allowed to attend a workshop.  All other registrants will be added to the waiting list for the next available workshop.

The Tennessee General Assembly enacted the Child Safety Act of 1989, establishing the “Child Safety Fund” as a source of funds to purchase child passenger safety seats. The money in the fund is collected through fines imposed on violators of the child passenger safety law. The law went into effect July 1, 2004 and requires a child to be in a proper safety restraint system (i.e., car seat or booster seat) based upon age, weight and height when riding in a passenger vehicle. The law increased fines and broadened the ages for protection as an impetus to increase the number of children who are properly restrained in passenger vehicles. The Tennessee Department of Health distributes funds collected for fines imposed on violators of the law to designated entities to purchase child restraint systems for low income families with children ages birth through eight years old and measuring less than four feet, nine inches (4’9”) in height.