* 1. Do you currently hold a college degree?

  Fire Science / Administration Other Field
Associates Degree
Bachelor Degree
Post Graduate Certificate
Masters Degree

* 2. Does your department require any of the following for new hires?
Check all that apply

* 3. Does your department hiring process offer bonus points for any of the following?
Check all that apply

* 4. What educational requirements does your department have for promotion eligibility?

  None Associates Bachelor's Masters
Battalion Chief
Assistant/ Bureau Chief
Deputy Chief

* 5. Does your department grant educational bonus points in the promotion process?
Check all that apply

* 6. Do you currently have access to tuition assistance?
Check all that apply

  None Partial Full Associates only Bachalors Masters
Departmental/ local
State program
Federal program

* 7. How would you rate the likelihood of your entering an advanced degree program?

  Not at all likely I am considering it I intend to do so
Bachelor's degree program
18 hr post graduate certificate
Masters program

* 8. if you were to re-enter a University program to advance your education, which study path would you most likely pursue?

  Fire Admin Public Admin Management Other
Bachelor's degree
18 hr Post graduate certificate
Masters degree

* 9. If you were to re-enter a university program for further degree completion would you be most likely to enroll in a:

* 10. Please rank the following considerations when selecting a college degree program

  Not at all important A slight consideration Relatively important A Key consideration
Curriculum relavance
Recognized accreditation
School reputation
Availability of "Life" learning credit
School location
Faculty credentials
Ease / speed of program completion