At the October meeting, there was some discussion about how we want to organize monthly meetings and activities going forward. The objective of this survey is to get your feeback and suggestions.

As our organization has grown, we see the need for and welcome change. Change is a prerequisite to continuing to provide value to members.

I know that, since you all are writers, you will have lots to say. :-)

* 1. Our meetings have typically included 3 parts; 1 - a business discussion related to managing the organization. 2 - a professional development topic. 3 - member readings and feedback.

The suggestion was made to separate these things so that we can do a better job of each. We need to decide how to do that. Please rank your preferences with 1 being your first choice.

* 2. Since it is clear that everyone wants more time invested in author readings and feedback, we will need to decide on a process to use to make sure that everyone has a good experience and that the meeting runs smoothly.

Please rank your top 3 preference with 1 being your first choice, etc. Once I get the survey results, I will ask 1 - 2 members to volunteer to define the detailed process to be followed

* 3. Please list any professional development topics you would like us to schedule in 2014. It could be a repeat of a session we held in the past that you thought was particularly beneficial. Or it could be something completely new. We are already planning to have a representative from the NC Writers Network visit.

* 4. Please let us know what topics you can present or discussions you would like to lead.

Thank you for completing this survey. I look forward to presenting the results at the meeting on November 20th.