2017 MNHPC Fall Forum Evaluation

To receive a certificate of completion for the Fall Forum, attendees must complete this evaluation by November 24th, 2017. Certificates will be distributed by December 10th, 2017. 
If you experience problems, please email jessica@mnhpc.org or call Jessica Hausauer at 651-917-4613. 

* 1. Please type your first and last name.

* 2. Please select the type of contact hours/credits you will be claiming.

* 3. Please indicate the title that best classifies your current employment position.

* 4. Are you a member of MNHPC?

* 5. Is this your first time attending the MNHPC Fall Forum? 

* 6. At the conclusion of this activity I am able to: 

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree
Describe the elements of documentation of each IDT member to support changes in status, response to interventions, and to the hospice levels of care. 
Define the risk of inaccurate, incomplete, and untimely entries. 
Practice the art of communication with validated tools that engage the patient/family in self-identification of their needs/wishes of greatest importance. 
Identify opportunities to improve communication and increase confidence in empathetic responses to difficult and poignant conversations. 

* 7. The speaker demonstrated expertise in the subject matter.

* 8. The speaker used effective presentation skills and teaching strategies.

* 9. Overall, I rate this speaker as an excellent speaker. 

* 10. This learning activity will help me perform my job more effectively. 

* 11. Please respond to the following questions.

  Yes No
Was the physical environment conducive to learning? 
Was the length of the program appropriate? 
Was the amount of material presented sufficient? 
Were your educational needs and expectations met? 

* 12. Overall, how satisfied were you with the 2017 MNHPC Fall Forum?