Share your thoughts and perspectives on North Grenville’s new community-based economic development strategy!

North Grenville continues to be one of the fastest growing communities in the region, offering tremendous promise for economic development. A new economic development strategy will provide an economic vision for the Municipality, and will include by-law and policy recommendations, community partnership models, evaluation metrics, and more!

This short 5-10 minute survey will ask for your feedback on draft values for the economic development strategy, help us identify areas of potential for economic growth and change, and get a better understanding of the strengths and opportunities in the local economy. Your answers will help us to confirm priorities as the project team moves forward and are confidential.

The survey will close on Friday, October 14th at 11:59 PM. For more information, visit the project webpage.

If you would rather respond to this survey by telephone or via a paper copy, or if you have other accessibility needs that we can help you with, please contact Matt Gilmer at

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