Thank you so much for your interest in attending a One Picture Saves a Life workshop to learn how to save more lives through grooming and positive adoption photography. Please complete all pages of this form - questions with an (*) asterisk are required.

Some of the scheduled events (see #5) will also include “Cats R Cool” workshop with Jackson Galaxy in the afternoons. This workshop has sections on cage free cat rooms, cat enrichment and training, “Cat Mojo”, and working with community cats. When scheduled these workshops will take place during the afternoon session.

All workshops are open to shelter and rescue employees and volunteers, as well as members of the general public interested in volunteering with an organization. if you are with a rescue or shelter, you are welcome to have as many representatives as you would like attend either part of the day or all workshops. Each person wishing to attend must complete this survey individually.

Grant information and opportunities are available for organizations who attend each worship. Page 2 of this survey will ask you about the types of grants you are interested in receiving. These questions are optional.

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* 7. If you are attending an event with Cats R Cool, how many representatives will you be sending to each session?