Hocking Hills Craft Show Reserve List

The Hocking Hills Craft Show Registration Form

Please be aware this is a registration and not an application. We are a jury event which means we review your products and services to ensure we do not over duplicate products and services whenever possible. This allows you to list your booth / products / services as an alternate should we have an opening in your category, or your products or services are so unique that we have to make room. Food and Music will be considered through June 30th.
1.What is the full name of the person that we should speak with regarding the registration?
2.What type of Vendor / Artist booth are you looking for?
3.What is the name of your Company / Band / Booth / Food Truck
4.What is your Phone Number?
5.What is your email address?
6.Please describe your products or services for the event coordinator.
7.Can you please email at least one photo of your products or services to thehockinghillscraftshow@gmail.com
8.Please Classify your products or services.
9.Are you registering for other events that you may choose to participate in, that also occur the last weekend of August? Our we competing for your both with other shows happening at the same time?
10.What is your preferred method of contact?
11.How long do we have to make a decision on your registration?
12.Have you been a vendor in The Hocking Hills Craft Show in previous years?