Nominations for Richmond Spartan Sports Hall of Fame

Qualifications for nomination:
• Significant athletic accomplishments including factors such as sportsmanship, integrity, character and legacy while at Richmond High School.  Supporting data is required.
• Must be 5 years removed (completed eligibility at least 5 years prior to being nominated).
• Must be a former player, coach or athletic director of Richmond High School.
Other information: Inductees are chosen from two eras: early era (prior to 1950) and modern era (1950 and after).

1. Describe achievements while at Richmond High School.
2. Describe achievements since leaving Richmond High School.
3. Give current biographical information if known.
4. Provide other pertinent information.
5. Entries are due by March 1st.
6. PLEASE provide as much statistical data as possible to justify your nomination.

* 1. Who would you like to nominate for consideration to the Richmond Spartan Athletic Hall of Fame (individual or team)?

* 2. Please provide the nominee's year of participation, graduation date, coaching years, or years of service at RHS.

* 3. What sport or sports are they associated with?

* 4. Please provide data and support for this nomination.

* 5. Please provide current biographical and contact information for nominee

* 6. Please provide your name and contact information