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* 1. I am a

* 2. I am on the

* 3. I identify as a

* 4. The primary language spoken in my home is

* 5. I am

* 6. Coming to school is important to me.

* 7. In general, I feel safe at school.

* 8. I feel safe

  Strongly agree Somewhat agree Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree
In my classroom
In the hallways
In the cafeteria
In the restrooms
On the playground
During after-school activities (Leave blank if you don't participate in after-school activities)

* 9. I feel safe riding the school bus.

* 10. I feel safe walking to and from school.

* 11. The subjects I'm learning at school are important for my future.

* 12. I have a college or career plan for my future.

* 13. I know where to get help for school work.

* 14. I have friends at school.

* 15. I feel good when I do things to help.

* 16. I do things that make school a better place.

* 17. I feel accepted and respected by adults at my school.

* 18. I feel like my culture is respected at CMS.

* 19. I know an adult at my school that I trust and can go to for help.

* 20. I know an adult at school who cares about me.

* 21. I feel accepted and respected by other students.

* 22. I like being at school.

* 23. I am learning about different jobs, careers and colleges while at school.

* 24. I would like more information in class on the following (check all that apply).

* 25. I feel prepared for next year.

* 26. Graduating from high school is important to me.

* 27. I think about going to college.

* 28. I believe I can go to college if I choose to.

* 29. I think about getting a job.

* 30. I think about joining the military.

* 31. Grades matter to me.

* 32. Attendance matters to me.

* 33. I am part of an organization or group, such as a sport's team or club.

* 34. About how many PAWS tickets have you received this year?

* 35. Do you like getting PAWS tickets?

* 36. What do you do with your PAWS tickets?

* 37. My teachers are available for extra help. (Leave blank if you did not need extra help.)

* 38. I know who my school counselor is.

* 39. When I request to see my school counselor she responds in a reasonable amount of time. (Leave blank if you did not need to meet with your counselor).

* 40. My school counselor is helpful.

* 41. I can recognize the warning signs of suicide.

* 42. I know how to get help for a friend if I think he/she may be thinking about suicide.

* 43. If I am depressed and/or have thoughts of suicide, I know how to get help for myself.

* 44. I know what bullying is, I can recognize it.

* 45. If a friend is being bullied, I know how to get help.

* 46. If I am being bullied, I know how to get help.

* 47. I know a responsible adult to report bullying to.

* 48. I enjoyed the advisor lessons this year.

* 49. I participated in a SUN program this year.

* 50. 8TH GRADE ONLY: I know what classes I need to complete my freshman year of high school.