A Brief Survey on Integrated Reporting

KPA Advisory Services launched a 4-Letter <IR> campaign at the start of 2019 to persuade asset owner organizations to use the Integrated Reporting Framework to tell their value-creation stories. Why? For three reasons:
  • Most Asset Owner Annual Reports lack compelling ‘value-creation’ narratives that truly engage their own stakeholders and the larger community.
  • ESG and sustainability considerations need to be integrated into Asset Owner business models rather than treated as separate issues requiring a separate report.
  • Material gaps often exist between stated organizational beliefs and actions. <IR> reporting helps identify those gaps and triggers actions to close them.
We are now launching two new <IR> campaign steps:  
  • An international speaking tour promoting <IR> and inviting ‘live’ feedback
  • A brief e-survey gauging asset owner attitudes towards actually using the <IR> Framework
Naturally, the success of the survey depends on broad participation in it. As an incentive for you to do so, survey participants will receive an analysis of the findings. As a further incentive, we promise that participation will take less than 5 minutes of your time!