* 1. Please indicate your primary practice setting

* 2. Number of Years in Practice

* 3. Please indicate the degrees that you have received. Choose all that apply.

* 4. Please indicate the College or School where you received your first ( eligible for licensure ) pharmacy practice degree.

* 5. What state(s) are you currently licensed in (check all that apply)?

* 6. Have you attended a CE program sponsored by any of the following over the past year (check all that apply)?

* 7. How many CE programs have you attended at the Howard University College of Pharmacy )HU COP) over the past 1 – 2 years?

* 8. I rate the quality (content) of the CE programs sponsored by the HU COP as:

* 9. I rate the quality (physical facility) of the CE programs sponsored by the HU COP as:

* 10. I rate the quality (speaker) of the CE programs sponsored by the HU COP as:

* 11. I rate the quality (organization) of the CE programs sponsored by the HU COP as:

* 12.

* 13. I rate the quality (topic) of the CE programs sponsored by the HU COP as:

* 14. I am interested in attending more CE programs sponsored by the HU COP

* 15. I have taken CE courses over the past year via (check all that apply):
For your most recent CE reporting period, please indicate what percentage of your total CE credits were completed by the type of CE activity in the first column. The total should add up to approximately 100%

  0% 1-25% 26-50% 51-75% 76-100%
Not Applicable
Pharmacist Letter
Medical Letter
Drug Topics
Pharmacy Times
Power Pak
US Pharmacist

* 16. I prefer to take CE courses by (check your one most preferred method):

* 17. Are you trained as an immunization provider?

* 18. My state licensure requires CE courses in (check all that apply):

* 19. I am interested in taking CE courses on the following topics
Please rate each topic with 1 = least preferred thru 5 = most preferred

  1 2 3 4 5
Medication Errors
Immunization / Vaccinations
Durable Medical Equipment
Drug Diversion
End of Life Care
Infectious Diseases
Medication Adherence
Men's Health
Multiple Sclerosis
New Drugs
Pain Management
Quality Care
Travel Medicine
Veterinary Medications
Women’s Health
Working with PBMs
Workplace Skills
Bloodborne Pathogens
Fraud, Waste, & Abuse
Infection Control
Medicare Focus
Methamphetamine Abuse

* 20. Do any of the pharmacy schools / colleges that you serve as a preceptor for require specific CEs?

* 21. If you answered yes, what topics are required?

* 22. If the College of Pharmacy were able to develop Continuing Education Programming that could meet all of your CE requirements, would you be willing to subscribe to the service on an annual basis?

* 23. Please rank the following as to their importance as you consider which programs to attend?
(Each item must have a different ranking from 1-5 with 5 being the most Important)

  1 2 3 4 5
Cost of Programming
Scope of Programming ( Area or Practice )
Location of Meetings
Type of Program Offerings ( Delivery method )
Social Interaction with Live Programming

* 24. The new ACPE Definition of Continuing Education indicates the importance of programming designed to meet the educational needs of a pharmacist as they improve/change their practice, knowledge, and/or abilties. If you were designing a new series of educational programs for pharmacists in your practice setting, where would you start? What content should be included to change your practice?

* 25. Please feel free to provide additional comments on ways we can improve the HU COP's Continuing Education Program.

* 26. Would you be willing to: (Choose all that apply)

* 27. Please provide your name and email address if you are interested in being more involved with the Howard University College of Pharmacy's Continuing Education Program. You may also contact Dr. Monika Daftary at mdaftary@howard.edu.

Thanks for your feedback! :-)