* 1. At what age did your child come out to you, and did you suspect or know before that moment?

* 2. What was the first thing you thought of when your child came out to you?

* 3. What were your fears--for your child, and for yourself?

* 4. Did this news affect your relationship with your child, your child’s father, or any other relationships?

* 5. If you have shared this information with your friends/family/acquaintances, how did you go about that?

* 6. Did you see your child’s being gay as a reflection on your parenting, and how has having a gay child impacted your identity, if at all?

* 7. How did your child come out to you (location, timing, mode of communication, etc)? How did these details impact the way you felt about the actual coming out?

* 8. When someone makes a negative comment about gay people, how do you handle the situation, and have you handled it differently since learning that your child is gay?

* 9. Was anything specific (such as masculinity/femininity) of your child’s future/potential partners of concern to you?

* 10. What piece of advice would you give to mothers whose children have just come out to them?

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