As you know, the congregation of May Memorial has begun a search for a settled minister.  The members of your Search Committee are Eliza Bailey, Larissa Brenner, Peter Colman, Josh Cronlund, Stephanie Cross, Don Milmore, and Rob Neimeier.

One of our first steps is to survey May Memorial’s members and friends. This is NOT the same survey which you may remember from 2014. Your timely reply will help the Search Committee prepare a package of information about May Memorial. This packet will be studied by ministers who are searching for new congregations. Your reply will also help us consider and compare available candidates.

Please respond to this survey by August 15, 2017. We estimate that completing the survey will take you 20 minutes. 

We will also be hosting focus group “cottage meetings” over the summer.  The Search Committee urges you to participate in both the survey and these meetings. Your participation in this survey is most important.  Details about these meetings will be provided in the newsletter, Facebook, and email blasts.

You must enter your name at the end of the electronic survey or your paper copy so that we know who has not yet participated.  Before we read your survey responses, we will separate your name from your responses to preserve your confidentiality.

Paper copies can be sent to “Ministerial Search Committee, MMUUS, 3800 E. Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13214”, or dropped off in the MMUUS office.