* 1. How did you initially hear about Epiphany’s Tuesday Concert Series and how many times per month/per year do you attend concerts?

* 2. Which features of the series do you find most compelling? Repertoire? Performers? Style/type of
music? Mixture of all?

* 3. What type of performance do you personally prefer? Soloists? Pianists? Organists? Lute? Vocal?
Ensemble? WBC?

* 4. What type of repertoire do you prefer? Early Music? Baroque? Modernist? Choral? Strings?

* 5. What other music would you like to hear in the TCS that isn’t currently represented?

* 6. Do you prefer the musical emphasis to be on edification (i.e. hearing music you didn’t
previously know) or entertainment (i.e. hearing music that is more well known)? Or a mixture? Is the mixture presently good or bad?

* 7. Do you think TCS should remain solely a music series? Would you like to see it expanded to
include, say, Dance? Lecture-recitals? Talks? If the latter, on musical subjects? Political?

* 8. Is there any other information in the weekly program/6-monthly schedule brochure which could
usefully be included?

* 9. Is the $10 requested goodwill offering reasonable?

* 10. Please tell us if there is anything more we can consider to improve the lunchtime concert experience.