This survey is for the use of White Mountain Lake Fire District property owners to submit public comment and state their respective position on the matter of consolidating the White Mountain Lake Fire District with the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District. Survey responses submitted will be provided as part of the report on consolidation to the Navajo County Board of Supervisors.

NOTE: Surveys submitted will be considered a PUBLIC RECORD upon submittal to the Board of Supervisors and are subject to public disclosure under Arizona’s Public Records laws.


The White Mountain Lake Fire District’s financial evaluation of budget revenues and expenditures shows that ongoing operating costs will exceed available revenues in the current fiscal and the following two fiscal years. As required by law, the district conducted a study of merger, consolidation or shared services (the report for the study can be accessed at

The PROPOSED FIRE DISTRICT CONSOLIDATION would join the White Mountain Lake Fire District with the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District. The benefits of the consolidation are:

·       The tax rate and tax liability for White Mountain Lake property owners would be reduced 7.7 percent (tax rate reduced to $2.99 from current $3.25).

·       Improves the financial stability, resiliency and sustainability of fire and emergency medical services for the community of White Mountain Lake.

·       Provides for 24 hour per day fire station staffing in White Mountain Lake.

·       Improves fire and EMS delivery with upgrade to on-site paramedic service in White Mountain Lake.

·       Improves access to additional fire and EMS resources when necessary as a participant in the regional automatic-aid system.

There are no known or anticipated injuries that may result from the proposed consolidation.

You must enter your name and property address to register your position and comments concerning the PROPOSED CONSOLIDATION. All information and comments submitted will become a part of the PUBLIC RECORD.

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* 3. As a PROPERTY OWNER / TAXPAYER of the White Mountain Lake Fire District, indicate your preference for the PROPOSED CONSOLIDATION with the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District:

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