About the Blue Beastie

blue beastie 
This new Winston beastie loves being part of a team! His favorite sports include bowling, shotput, and tennis – or just about anything that has a ball in the starring role. Not surprisingly, he also loves foods that are round. In fact, he embraces a veggie lifestyle and can get any kiddo to try his peas and carrots steamed in a CVap. He may look innocent, but he’s usually up to something, and he’s always the life of the party.

Help us name this ball of fun! Vote for your favorite name or offer your own recommendation. His name will be revealed in July at the 2018 SNA Annual National Conference in Las Vegas.

Stop by Winston Foodservice Booth 421. Check out our new line-up, enter to win a prize, take home a highly coveted Sexy Beast t-shirt, and have a blast!