Vogue Knitting LIVE is the ultimate knitting event, where thousands of knitters gather for three days of fashion, fiber, and education. After 3 successful shows on the East and West Coasts, Vogue Knitting LIVE is returning to NYC for a 3rd time, January 18–20, 2013.

We're excited to be at a new venue for 2013—The Marriott Marqius in the heart of Times Square! We listened to your feedback, and making the move to the Marriott is going to offer vendors more booth space, better marketplace lighting, a newly renovated exhibit hall, and easier load-in. We can't wait to see you in NYC!

What’s new, what’s now, what’s next in knitting? You’ll find it at Vogue Knitting LIVE.

The majority of Vogue Knitting LIVE attendees are Vogue Knitting readers. It’s a super-targeted group with:

<dd>A high expendable income</dd> <dd>An unquenchable thirst for fashionable knitwear</dd> <dd>An appreciation and love for high-quality, brand-name products</dd>

Vogue Knitting LIVE’s Marketplace is designed to keep the shopper buying with:

<dd>Extended shopping hours</dd> <dd>Book signings, demos, and raffle giveaways</dd> <dd>An exclusive selection of new and favorite yarns, needles, gifts, and accessories from many of the country’s top knitting vendors</dd> <dd>Unparalleled mingling opportunities with fellow LYS owners and target customers</dd>


“I went to the Marketplace every day that I was there, Friday–Sunday. It was addictive!!! All I can say is WOW! Overwhelming. Loved it!” (attendee)

“My sales were fantastic. The best I’ve ever done…. It was a great marketing event.” (vendor)

“I loved attending the marketplace. It was an exhilarating experience to be surrounded by all that fiber…” (attendee)

“The customers were extremely knowledgeable and ready to shop. We brought more than we ever have to an event and left almost empty-handed.” (vendor)

As an exhibitor of Vogue Knitting LIVE, you are partnering with the most exciting brand in our industry.