1. LUCHA -- Community Survey

* 1. What is the number one social or economic issue that negatively affects your family?

* 2. Of the following, what is your personal, number one economic concern?

* 3. Are you or someone in your family currently impacted by foreclosure or being ‘underwater’ on their loan?
(at any step of the process)

* 4. Do you and your family currently have health insurance? And if not, would you like it?

* 5. Are you or is anyone in your household CURRENTLY unemployed or underemployed?

* 6. Has anyone in your family worked without getting paid for all of the hours, or overtime, or had a job where they were paid late?

* 7. Do you believe that higher education is affordable for your family?

* 8. Assuming your most pressing concern was being championed and fought for publicly, how likely are you to get involved at the local level to help?

* 9. Do you want to receive text alerts, to stay up to date on community events related to these issues?

The normal charges apply according to your cell phone plan (our organizations do not charge anything).

* 10. My Information: