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Thank you for taking time to provide us with feedback regarding your use of the MMIP. We will use these data to continuously improve the content and organization of the database. If you have questions about the MMIP please contact Judy Shanley at Easter Seals, Please also visit the NCMM website to learn more about our technical assistance, events, and products

* 1. I was able to navigate and search the MMIP easily

* 2. I learned about innovative mobility management practices

* 3. I will apply the information I learned through the MMIP

* 4. If you answered “Strongly agree or agree” to Question 3, which of the following best describes how you will apply the information you learned through the MMIP (check all that apply):

* 5. I was satisfied the the data provided in the MMIP

* 6. I think the MMIP can be improved by the following

* 7. In which FTA region do you work?

* 8. What type of organization/agency are you with?

* 9. What is your role at this organization?

* 10. Provide any additional feedback regarding your use of information from the MMIP