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* 1. What are Your Two Biggest Worries When it Comes to Retirement?

* 2. Do You Plan on Working in Your Retirement Years?

* 3. Do You Plan on Retiring in the U. S. A.?

* 4. Do You Feel You Have Saved Enough for Retirement?

* 5. What is the Most Important Thing You Look for in an Investment Product?

* 6. Do You Have a Long Term Care Plan in Place for the Healthcare costs in Retirement?

* 7. Have You Done Your Estate Planning? (Wills, Power of Attorneys, Trusts, etc.)

* 8. Do You Plan on Living With Your Children in Retirement?

* 9. Do You Know How Much You Will Need for Retirement?

* 10. What Areas Do You Feel You Need the Most Education in?  Check all that apply!

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