Public input is an important part of the standards review process! There are three parts to this initial request for public input regarding the current mathematics standards and benchmarks:
  1. Provide information about a specific standard or benchmark;
  2. Provide general information about the standards or benchmarks; and 
  3. Provide recommendations of current research or publications for the review committee to consider when addressing concerns about mathematics standards.
Please refer to the current mathematics standards (2007) (also available in an excel spreadsheet) when responding to questions regarding the standards.

How to Read the Standards:
The benchmarks for each standard are designated by five-digit codes. For example, in the code
  • The 3 refers to the grade 3.
  • The 1 refers to the first strand, Number and Operations;
  • The 2 refers to the second standard for that strand;
  • The 4 refers to the fourth benchmark for that standard.
This survey will remain open and you are welcome to submit multiple responses.  Pursuant to state law, all information submitted on this form is public information. Your comments are not submitted until the end and you will be reminded to hit submit!