9% of survey complete.

The Psychology Department at Metropolitan State conducts self-assessments of its program, focusing on how well it serves students' needs as well as how well it meets the Department's goals and expectations. One part of a larger assessment project is the assessment of student learning.

As a pilot study in the development of an assessment tool, the Department is asking that you complete this short evaluation. This assessment involves a short "test" covering content within the domain of some psychology courses, as well as an open-ended section in which you are invited to comment on several topics.

Because this assessment provides credit toward your Psyc 405 course, you will be asked to provide some information to the instructor immediately after the end of this survey. You will also be shown a KEYWORD at the end of the assessment -- please remember this word because it may help you get credit for this assessment. You will need to write this word on the page given out in class, then turn it in when you are finished with this department assessment.

This assessment should take about 20-30 minutes.