Mallee Local Transport Options Survey - Community Feedback

The information gathered from this survey will assist in the development of a paper on Local Transport Options in the Mallee.

We estimate that this survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you would prefer to complete your survey over the telephone please contact Sunassist and speak with Ashley Van Niekerk or Kristie Clark on 03 5023 1906 between 8.00am & 4.00pm Monday - Friday. Service Providers can also reach the Project Consultants on 0408 231 905.

Your participation in this survey, will be helpful for us to explore the current transport services in your community and identify gaps for future decision making.

Could all community transport providers please complete the extra questions at the end.

All individual information will be kept strictly confidential and destroyed by 1 December 2017.

Ashley Van Niekerk                           Kristie Clark
5023 1906                                          5023 1906

1. Name of the town you live in?

2. Is English your first Language

3. Do you need an interpreter

4. What is your gender

5. Are you Aboriginal/ Torres Strait Islander decent

6. What is your age group

7. What is your work status 

8. Do you receive a government funded pension

9. Do you have a driver’s license

10. Do you own your own vehicle

11. How often do you have access to the following types of vehicle (please tick for each type)

  Car as driver Car as passenger Other vehicle 
Day time only
Evening only
Weekend only
All the time

12. Do you have difficulty accessing transport in your region

13. Do you have specialized needs, such as illness, disability, difficulty walking, wheelchair, walking frame

14. How would you find out about your transport options, including public transport and community transport or car sharing

15. Do you pay for transport services

16. Are you eligible for any transport subsidies

17. Do you carpool or ride share with neighbours/ friends

18. Do you think there is more opportunity to share rides in your community

19. How often do you access any of the following transport services in your town (tick as many as appropriate)

  Daily  Weekly  Fortnightly  Monthly  Never
Bus Service – Public
Bus Service – Private
Taxi Service
Community Transport Service
Rail Service
Hire Car Service
Personal Vehicle

20. Thinking about yourself, list the frequency and whether you have to travel away from your home town in order to access these services

  Daily Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Annually I leave my home town to access this service
Medical Appointments
Community Events
Social Events
Sporting Events
Family Events

21. If we could improve access for you, where do you want to go and at what times

22. If you use community transport, who provides that and what is it

23. Thinking about your community, do you think individuals without a car have difficulty accessing…(tick as many as appropriate)

24. Would you use other transport options if they were available (please provide further information)

25. Do you have any other comments or feedback relating to transport access in your town (Please comment below)

26. Can a member of the Mallee Local Transport Options Paper contact you for additional information

27. Contact information

28. Are you a Community Transport Provider

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