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Welcome to the Fees & Billing Self-Assessment

While fees and billing play a very critical role in the work of NDs, they are subject to certain minimum standards that should be adhered to by all NDs.

Prior to providing care, NDs must ensure that the patient is given clear information about any relevant financial policies and payment expectations, information on fees and the fee schedule specific to patient circumstances, including all fees that might apply to the patient, the basis upon which a bill for services is calculated and the acceptable methods of payment.

Receipts should be issued for all payments made by patients and processes should exist for the timely notification of any balance due or owing and for the provision of applicable refunds to patients.

Certain fees such as dispensing fees may not be charged by NDs and also, NDs must always ensure that fees charged are not excessive in relation to the services proposed and are an accurate reflection of services provided to each patient.

This self-assessment tool has been developed to help Registrants stay abreast of,  and assess their knowledge of the requirements governing fees and billing. It should be read in conjunction with the College’s Standard of Practice on Fees and Billing.
Are you following the right procedures when it comes to billing?  Answer these questions to find out.

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