U.S. employers pay for or provide half of the nation’s healthcare services, making it a critical imperative to optimize the efficiency, effectiveness and affordability of that care. Identifying vital stakeholders, their responsibilities, decision criteria, and other key aspects of the healthcare ecosystem are important steps in helping employers achieve better healthcare outcomes.

HERO and Jeffrey Pfeffer—Stanford University Professor of Organizational Behavior and author of Dying for a Paycheck—have partnered to explore those key healthcare issues in this survey. And your insights are important.

This survey is intended for people in human resources/benefits administration that either are involved in decisions about health benefits and/or are knowledgeable about health benefits decisions at their organization. The survey should require less than 10 minutes to complete, and the data you provide will remain confidential.

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* 1. During your professional career, have you ever worked in one of the following roles/types of organizations? (choose all that apply)

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