ASE began as a small association for cardiologists and sonographers, but now it includes a range of specialties and diverse niches. The council program was developed to allow these various groups to identify their unique challenges and opportunities and to better utilize ASE’s resources.

Each ASE council represents a group of members that share a common practice interest. The group should be able to identify common goals, issues and challenges that require a special focus by ASE. The aim of councils is to direct their energies toward achieving these goals.

ASE wants to support its councils to move the field of cardiovascular ultrasound forward. Councils are encouraged to use ASE resources, which include special programs, services, meetings, development of guidelines, networking opportunities, recognition programs and the resources of ASE’s departments.

ASE is interested in expanding the scope of its councils in an effort to make them a stronger benefit for our members. We want to hear from you, our members, about your participation in the councils and how you would like to see them utilized.

* 1. Are you aware that ASE has subspecialty councils?

* 2. Do you belong to any of ASE’s councils?

* 3. Which, if any, of these councils do you belong to? (Choose all that apply)

* 4. Are you aware that council membership is free and you can join as many as you want?

* 5. The Pediatric, Vascular and Intraoperative Councils have a column in JASE every third month and the Council on Cardiovascular Sonography has a monthly column.

* 6. All of ASE’s councils have a community on Connect@ASE to allow them to post documents and have discussions on topics that interest them.

* 7. ASE’s councils have semiannual newsletters sent to members.

50% of survey complete.