Welcome to the bicycle user survey for the City of San Diego Bicycle Master Plan Update. Please complete the questions below. Your participation will help us update the plan's goals and objectives.

1. Why do you bike? (check all that apply)

2. Are the majority of your bicycle trips recreational or utilitarian (i.e. to work, school, stores, etc.)?

3. How many days per week do you ride?

4. What is the average distance of your rides (one-way)?

5. Where do you live?

6. What prevents you from biking more often? (check all that apply)

7. Please rate your level of preference for each of the following bicycle facilities on a scale from 1 to 4, with 1 being highly preferred and 4 being not at all preferred.

  1 Highly preferred 2 3 4 Not at all preferred
Off-Street Paved Bike Paths Click_for_example
On-Street Bike Lanes Click_for_example
Bike Routes Click_for_example
Unpaved Trails or Dirt Paths Click_for_example
Bicycle Boulevards (a shared roadway designed to give priority to cycling traffic) Click_for_example 1 example 2 example 3
Shared Roadways (no bikeway designation or bicycle facilities)

8. Which San Diego neighborhoods or areas are difficult for bicyclists and why?

9. Which San Diego roadways and intersections are difficult for bicyclists and why?

10. Would the following improvements influence you to bike more often: (please rate each improvement by likelihood of influencing you to bike more often)

  Very Likely Likely Somewhat Likely Somewhat Unlikely Unlikely Very Unlikely
More Bike Lanes (Separate Lanes for bikes) on Major Streets
More Bike Routes
More Paved (off-street) Bike Paths
Bicycle Boulevards (shared roadways designed to give priority to cycling traffic)
Widen Outside/Curb Lanes on Major Streets (easier to share lanes with cars)
More On-Road Bike Signage
More Education, Encouragement and Enforcement Programs
Increased Maintenance (sweeping/repairs to bike lanes, routes, paths, and landscape trimming, etc.)
More Bicycle Parking/Storage
Showers and Lockers at Work

11. Have you used or participated in any of the following resources or programs?

12. Please rate your level of interest in developing or expanding the following bicycle programs on a scale of 1 to 4, with 1 being highly interested and 4 being not at all interested.

  1 Highly Interested 2 3 Not at all Interested
Education Programs for Motorists
Education Programs for Law Enforcement Personnel
Education Programs for Adult Cyclists
Education Programs for Elementary, Middle/Junior, and High School Students
Public Awareness Campaign Focused on Bicyclists Rights, Responsibilities, and the Health and Environmental Benefits of Bicycling
User-friendly Bicycle Maps and Guides
Route Planning for Bicyclists
One-Stop Bicycle Information Website
Incentive Programs

13. Other comments or suggestions:

14. OPTIONAL: If you would like to be notified about public workshops or other important project milestones, please provide your contact information below. If you prefer one method of contact (e.g. email only), please provide only that information.

Thank you for participating!