As a community-based education foundation, the feedback of parents is incredibly valuable to SchoolPower. We hope you will take five minutes to share your opinions with us regarding what programs are most important to you.

SchoolPower determines its funding based upon funding proposals developed by LBUSD educators to align with and support District goals (see LBUSD and SchoolPower Guiding Principles). Your input will provide valuable insight as we attempt to prioritize funding requests.

If you have any questions, please direct them to or contact Robin Rounaghi at 949-494-6811. Thank you completing this survey!

* 1. Which school(s) do(es) your child(ren) attend? Please select all that apply:

* 2. Last year, SchoolPower contributed $972,086 to Laguna Beach schools. Please select UP TO FIVE programs that are most important to you.

* 3. If there are additional funds available, which District programs/initiatives would you like SchoolPower to add as a funding priority? Please select UP TO THREE.

* 4. How important do you think SchoolPower funding is to maintaining the quality of our public schools?

* 5. How satisfied are you with the programs and initiatives that SchoolPower supports?