Active Minds Chapter Launch Grant Application

In partnership with the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), Active Minds is proud to offer grants to eight public higher education institutions in California to launch new Active Minds chapters. We expect this unique opportunity to support the development of strong and sustainable Active Minds chapters with an added boost of curated resources and funding. Active Minds has established the contents and deliverables of the grant opportunity based on years of experience in launching chapters, recommendations from student leaders, and public health expertise of Active Minds staff.

The Chapter Launch Grant includes:
  • A free curated campus outreach kit of Active Minds swag, giveaways, and tabling materials
  • $250 for a chapter launch event and a list of ideas that you can use to start
  • Up to three personalized technical assistance calls with Active Minds staff
  • Access to all the resources available to Active Minds chapters nationwide:
    • Downloadable Chapter Foundations Workbook
    • Active Minds’ treasure trove of campaigns, kits, outreach materials, and more
    • Active Minds’ professional support resources, including the Active Minds National Student Slack Network, Monthly Office Hours, Annual Chapter Online Summit, Chapter Hub, Active Minds National Conference discounts, and more

As an Active Minds chapter and a recipient of the Chapter Launch Grant, your chapter will be expected to:
  • Complete three online chapter reporting surveys, known as “Chapter Inventories”
  • Organize a chapter launch event with the goal of introducing the new chapter and recruiting members (and take photos to send to Active Minds!)
  • Participate in up to three technical assistance calls with Active Minds staff throughout the year
  • Join Active Minds National Student Slack Network
Application Requirements:
  • Demonstrated readiness to launch a sustainable chapter
  • Preference will be given to applications that include:
    • A strong plan for hosting a successful chapter launch event, including a description of the event, plans for promoting it, and plans for using the $250 in funding. Note: Check out the "Planning Your First Event" document for ideas
    • Strategies for supporting the sustainability of the chapter including a dedicated staff of faculty advisor and contributing to the national Active Minds movement through fundraising

Feb. 2019: Active Minds to notify grantees and register new chapters
Mar. 2019: Grantees complete a chapter launch event
Mar. - Apr. 2019: Grantees work with Active Minds to plan for student leadership transition and complete the Winter Chapter Inventory
June 2019: Grantees complete the Summer Chapter Inventory
To Apply:

The application will request the following elements:
  • Contact information for three student leaders
  • A compelling application will demonstrate representation from students who are earlier in their college careers and have more time remaining on campus.
  • Letter of commitment from a faculty or staff member who will serve as the chapter’s advisor
  • Statement of support from a member of counseling center staff or equivalent mental health services professional (only required the chapter advisor role is held by someone who is not a mental health counselor)