The British Skin Foundation is dedicated to funding research into skin cancers and skin disease. We'd like to find out just how good we are at being sun safe when we go away on a winter sports holiday, so please be honest! The whole survey should take no more than a minute to complete!

* 1. Do you normally (or plan to) go on a winter sports holiday (e.g. skiing, snowboarding etc) in the ski season?

* 2. When you go, even if you’re not going this ski season, do you take sunscreen with you?

* 3. If so what SPF sunscreen do you bring with you?

* 4. If you don't bring sunscreen, what's the main reason for not doing so?

* 5. Have you ever been sunburnt whilst on a winter sports holiday?

* 6. How often do you apply sunscreen if you bring it with you on a winter sports holiday?

* 7. I am:

* 8. I am aged: