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100% of survey complete.

* 1. I like to attend mid-week Relief Society Meetings because:

  Always Occasionally Not Usually
I like to learn something new.
I enjoy visiting with the other sisters.
I need a night out away from the kids.
I want to participate in service.
I enjoy having a meal I didn't have to prepare.

* 2. Mark the types of activities you would like to see at Relief Society Meetings:

  Never One Time Occasionally Yearly
Service opportunities (humanitarian kits, quilting, etc)
Classes (single choice)
Field Trips
Mini-classes (multiple)
Day-long activities
Temple Trips
Community Service

* 3. Which topics would you like to see covered at our Relief Society Meetings?

  Often Sometimes Not Interested
Family History / New Family Search
Home management
Family Relations
Self Improvement
Spirituality/Scripture Study/FHE

* 4. How often would you like Relief Society Meetings (other than Sunday meetings) to be offered?

  Most Often Occasionally Not Interested
Weekly (in small groups)
Monthly (entire Relief Society)
Quarterly (entire Relief Society)

* 5. The reason(s) I don't participate in Relief Society Meetings:

  Agree Disagree
Offered at the wrong time of day
I feel I have to be there the entire time.
I have a hard time getting away at that time.
Too many other pressures elsewhere.
My family needs me.
I'm not interested in the activity offered.
Other things take priority.
I'm away from home too much.

* 6. Do you work outside the home?

* 7. I am able to attend Relief Society Meetings during:

  Once in a While Usually Always Never
The day

* 8. Check all that apply...

* 9. I know someone with a skill that I would like to learn. Here is their name/skill.

* 10. I wouldn't mind teaching these subjects if asked: