* 1. Use Marketresearch.com or IBISWorld or ReferencUSA Onesource module to find a industry/market research report relevant to the clothes cleaning products category. What keywords worked to find the report/reports?

* 2. Use guidance from Research and Documentation Online http://tinyurl.com/pz2csg3 or Citing Business Sources http://tinyurl.com/q5bgen9 to create an APA citation.

* 3. Look at the additional resources or appendix or notes section of the report to find trade associations related to the category. What is the name and URL for a promising trade association?

* 4. Use Business Source Premier to find articles about the clothes cleaning category. Find an article published in Consumer Reports rating laundry detergents. Use the citation tool and cut and paste an APA citation for the article into the box below. Make sure the citation is well formatted, revising if necessary.

* 5. Refer back to your market research or industry report and choose a named competitor. Use MarketLine or ReferenceUSA Onesource or Morningstar find a company profile or 10K. Look for a SWOT analysis, or analyst discussion or management discussion to find a company strength.

* 6. What is your name and Villanova email address?