* 1. Which branch of the Tehama County Library system do you use the most?

* 2. Please answer the following questions based on the library branch that you use the most. In general, when do you most often use the library?

* 3. Do you most often need to use the library during the week or weekend?

* 4. Choose the day of the week you are most likely to visit this library branch.

* 5. If the library branch that you use most often could be open only one weekend day, choose the day you would prefer.

* 6. What opening time is most convenient for you?

* 7. If the library branch you use most often was open in the evening during the week, how late would you like it to stay open?

* 8. If you visit more than one library branch, please use this space to comment on your ideal schedule for your secondary branch.

* 9. Please add any additional comments / suggestions below.