Banking satisfaction survey for GAT Members

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GAT are working closely with the banking sector representatives (AGB - Association of Guernsey Banks) to find out how relations can be strengthened and the industries can support one another. There are 24 banks licensed locally, but we are aware that many fiduciary service providers use banking institutions in other parts of the world for a variety of reasons.
Members are invited to participate in a short survey to collect feedback on local banks, based on your experiences managing accounts on behalf of your clients.  This information will be used as part of wider discussions with the AGB.

* 1. Of the following local banks please select those that you do business with;

* 2. With regard to your main banker, what are their strengths?

* 3. With regard to your main banker, what are their weaknesses?

* 4. Do you deal with overseas banks in addition to local banks?  

* 5. Do you feel that it is more difficult or less difficult to deal with local banks than ten years' ago?

* 6. Have you experienced any issues which have left you dissatisfied with your local bank?

* 7. As you are aware banks need to make money to enable them to operate and interest rates have significantly impacted their ability to continue to provide a comprehensive service. 
In light of this statement can you suggest any ways in which you feel it would be reasonable for the banks to increase or implement charges which would be acceptable to users in the fiduciary industry?

* 8. In terms of banking only, which non Guernsey banks do you do business with?

* 9. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?

* 10. Broadly speaking, how satisfied are you with the local banks which you currently use?