* 1. YOUR NAME (and Primary Disciplinary Background)

* 2. Permission to quote me

* 3. For the purposes of compiling this Biosemiotic Glossary, we would like to ask you to share with us, in as succinct a manner as possible, your answer to the Central Question that this survey is attempting to gather information on.  (In all cases, please try to be as succinct in your replies as possible – one or two sentence answers to each of the queries would be ideal, so that we can do justice in our reporting of your thinking and not have to compromise it by making edits of our own because the reply is too lengthy. Thanks!)

How would you define the term ‘intentionality’ within a biosemiotic perspective?

* 4. The above is the Official Query, but we would also love to learn and to compile your thoughts on the following three related questions, should you choose to address them.

How do you see the relation(s) between intentionality in the human phenomenological sense (i.e., the 'content' of thought or mental ‘about-ness’) and intentionality in the broader biological and/or ecological sense of ‘deliberate purposefulness’, ‘end-directedness’ or ‘aiming toward some particular goal or end’or ‘being towards another’?

* 5. In what way do you think that traditional or previous understandings of the notion of ‘intentionality’ may be incomplete or misleading? 

(NB: “Previous understandings” here can refer to the ways in which the term is conceptualized in common parlance, or in scientific discourse, or in philosophy/phenomenology, or across all three – so please remember to specify in your reply which of these domains that you are referring to.)

* 6. What do you think that the biosemiotic definition that you have provided as your response to Question 3 adds to the traditional definitions that you noted above in Question 5?

* 7. If you wish, please provide a quote and citation, whether of your own or of another author, that you feel well reflects a viable biosemiotic understanding of the concept of “intentionality.”

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* 9. Please go to Part 2 of this survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/T66XDMH to read a small number of already published quotes on the concept of intentionality, and to indicate how suitable or non-suitable you think those conceptualizations are for use in biosemiotics. Before you go to that page, though, please be sure to click the "Done" button at the bottom of this page, or your responses to Part 1 will not be recorded. Thanks!