Five Year Community Needs Assessment

This is a survey of the priority needs in the Town of Weymouth that will govern how Weymouth will use its Community Development Block Grant funds provided as an annual entitlement by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

CDBG funds must be used predominately to benefit low and moderate income residents in the areas of housing, community, and economic development.

Priority needs identified through this survey and other sources will be included in the Five Year Consolidated CDBG Plan that will govern the use of funds from FY 2020 through 2024.

Please know that just because needs are identified does not mean CDBG funds will be provided for all activities meeting those needs. Funding decisions are based on many factors including meeting HUD regulations and the availability of funding.

Thank you for your participation in this survey!

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* 1. Check the applicable category.

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* 2. Do you own a business in Weymouth?

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* 3. Public Service Needs

  High Priority Need Moderate Priority Need Low Priority Need
Health services for seniors (e.g., blood pressure clinics)
Health services for others (non seniors)
Childcare (children under 13)
Youth services (children over 13)
Adult education classes
Workforce development/training
Non-emergency transportation to hospital
Emergency fuel assistance
Transportation to food access points (e.g., food bank, grocers)
Gym or fitness access
Mental health services
Substance abuse counseling
Foreclosure prevention counseling
Literacy training
Basic English training
Senior services (e.g., wellness classes, art/culture, transportation)
Services for disabled adults
Services for abused, neglected children
Operating costs of food banks
Code enforcement
Domestic violence counseling
Special needs counseling (AIDS/HIV)

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* 4. Public Facility Improvement Needs

  High Priority Need Moderate Priority Needs Low Priority Needs
Barrier removal (access parks, municipal buildings and more for the disabled)
Handicap parking improvements
Creation of Open Space
Playground improvements

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* 5. Infrastructure Improvements

  High Priority Need Moderate Priority Need Low Priority Need
Drainage improvements
Water and sewer improvements
Sidewalk improvements
Street improvements

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* 6. Slum or blight elimination or prevention.

  High Priority Need Moderate Priority Need Low Priority Need
Preventing or eliminating slum or blight

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* 7. Housing needs.

  High Priority Need Moderate Priority Need Low Priority Need
Creation of affordable single family housing
Creation of affordable rental housing housing
Housing rehabilitation assistance for low/mod income renters
Housing rehabilitation assistance for low/mod income homeowners
Septic tank removal and sewer hookups for low/mod income households
Rental payment assistance for low/mod income households
Support services for low/mod renters (e.g, financial counseling)
Physical improvements to group homes and day programs for the disabled
Energy efficiency improvements to housing for low/mod income households
Creation/improvement of housing for the disabled
Creation/improvement of housing for veterans
Creation/improvement of housing for abused/battered women and children
Creation/improvement of housing for persons with substance abuse issues
Creation/improvement of housing for seniors
First time home-buyer assistance
Public housing modernization

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* 8. Needs of the homeless.

  High Priority Need Moderate Priority Need Low Priority Need
Transitional housing for the homeless
Permanent housing for the homeless
Job training or vocational training for the homeless
Financial counseling for the homeless

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* 9. Economic Development.

  High Priority Need Moderate Priority Need Low Priority Need
Job training
Commercial exterior improvements (e.g., awnings, signage)
Micro-business loans (businesses with five or fewer employees including owner)

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* 10. Please indicate any additional needs that have not been listed in this survey.