* 1. Did you attend the Havre Holiday Village Bridal Fair?

* 2. What information were you looking for when you attended or if you didn't attend, what information would you expect to find there?

* 3. What has been the hardest vendor (cater, florist, bakery, etc) to find for your event?

* 4. Did you use an event planner of any sort (including those working at the venue)?

* 5. Where was your wedding held, or where will it be held?

* 6. If you are already married, what is one thing you would have done differently if given the chance?

* 7. What was the budget you used for your wedding and did you feel the prices in Havre made it possible to stick to that budget?

* 8. What is something you went elsewhere to find (online or another city) because you couldn't find it in Havre?

* 9. Was there anything you couldn't get locally that you wish you could have?

* 10. If someone asked you for one piece of advice when planning your event, what would it be?

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