* 1. Our goal at Student Life and Leadership is to keep you apprised of school events and opportunities in a convenient and easy to access way.

Currently, we e-mail students an issue of Clyde's Commons every Monday and maintain an updated version on our website.

As we prepare for the 2013-2014 school year we would like to hear from you, the students, about how you would prefer to receive Clyde's Commons.

The following are being considered as methods for communicating club and campus events. Please rank them in order of preference.

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Fourth Choice Fifth Choice Last Choice
E-mail (current Clyde's Commons)
Text Messages
Central Calendar on the Website
Paper Flyers/Posters
Student Life and Leadership Web Page

* 2. Do you have any suggestions for changes you would like to see in the content or distribution of Clyde's Commons and/or club and campus events?