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The Rookies has created a school database of verified and approved educational institutions. To apply for this formal certification, and to help us showcase the highest level of creative media and entertainment educational facilities, please complete the following form.

This application form is designed for schools applying for Rookies Certified Schools accreditation or reaccreditation during the academic year 2022/23. Schools are asked to submit this application form and provide supporting media for this first stage of the process.

For help at any point please contact where you will be put in touch with a member of our team.

Certification Goals
Our goals for Rookies Certified Schools are very simple. We want to:
- showcase top quality schools and help set a high standard of educational excellence.
- assure employers that students graduating from these schools are industry ready and qualified.
- help approved schools differentiate themselves from competitors.
- help prospective students find a trusted school.
- weed out the weaker schools that are of no benefit to prospective students.

What makes a Certified School better than the rest?
It's simple. Our team of industry professionals, educators and advisory board review each and every school. Schools can't simply pay for the certification, it must be earned.

When reviewing schools, our review panel considers many factors including:
- graduate acceptance rates
- quality of facilities and resources
- up-to-date software and curriculum
- planned software development and training for staff
- feedback from alumni and their success stories
- range of courses and fee structures
- relationship with industry representatives and networking
- reputation of studios that hire graduates
- quality of student work across all years

Need to save your progress?
You can save questions on a page basis. Once you complete a page and load the next page, everything is saved so you can come back at your own convenience.
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