ATY Glee Camp Registration

Camp is 9am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday, May 30th-June 3rd.
Camp costs $275, which includes a $50 registration fee.
Early Drop-off (No later than 8am) and Late Pick-Up (no later than 5:15pm) are available for an additional $75 each.
Location: Aquarian Charter School (location of performance is TBD).

* 1. Student name and Date of Birth-- please list first and last names for all children applying.

* 2. Parent(s) name and Phone number

* 3. Student's date of birth

* 4. Name of ATY participant who referred you? (find someone for a $50 discount)

* 5. Email address

* 6. Emergency contact name and number

* 7. How would you like to pay? Please note that your child will not be considered officially registered until a $50 deposit is paid.

* 8. Camp is 9am-4pm, Tuesday-Saturday, May 30th-June 3rd.
Please list any scheduling conflicts here:

* 9. Please list any medical concerns, allergies or medications this student is on.