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Founded in May 2000 by PGA Teaching Professional & College Golf Recruitment expert John Petronis, the JGA Tour is committed to maximizing your tournament experience and help you achieve your playing goals.  We are fun, competitive, stress free, and are connected with every college golf coach in the country.  We will always welcome beginner & intermediate kids and have separate divisions for all skill leves!  The JGA Tour manages events at the best private & public facilities in the region and from the appropriate yardages for your level.  We also produce the best players who not only perform on the golf course, they practice proper etiquette, pace of play, and rules of golf knowledge.  Ultimately, the most well rounded golfers come from the JGA Tour! 

*9-hole Developmental Division (Ages 6-9 & 10-13 - Modified yardages, caddies ok, & 10 stroke max rule)
*18-hole Beginner/Intermediate Division (Scores 85 & over)
*18-hole Advanced Division (Scores 84 & lower)
*36-hole College Recognition Division (JGS, AJGA, & partnered with HJGT)
*National/International Qualifiers (We manage the Optimist International Championships, Callaway Jr. World, & Big I Local NJ & PA/DE State Championships Qualifiers)

HERE IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP:  PLEASE ANSWER THE BELOW 6 SURVEY QUESTIONS. #7 & #8 are for College Golf Coaches only.  Coaches: Please be sure to use #8 if you want more information about a specific player or players. Thanks for using the JGA Tour to recruit for your college!

NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE JGA TOUR & OTHER OFFERINGS?  We are here to take our events and your game to the next level!  Besides newer golfers, we typically attract the best players.  We would like to do this consistently in the effort to hit over 40 boys & over 12 girls per event to qualify for AJGA PBE, so all of our kids have the best opportunities to get noticed without spending a fortune on their college recruitment.  There is so much competition out there that makes it hard for you to choose what tour to play on.  Other tours often cost 2-4X the amount that the JGA Tour charges and they don't work with over 2,200+ college coaches like we do.  After early bird discounts, our tournaments start with the following rates: $15 for 9-holes, $40 for 18-holes, & $90 for 36-holes that are ranked by the Junior Golf Scoreboard.  Why pay $200-$400 per 36-hole event?  When you factor in travel, now you are at 10x the amount that the JGA Tour charges.  Back in 2000, we were the first to bring all of the separate skill levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced & College Recruitment Recognition was added in 2003 before Philly PGA & NJ PGA's Jr. Tours) to NJ, PA, & DE region's competition so there are more winners, more college recognition for our players, and less stress in jumping through the levels as your game improves.  Don't let the bigger flashy named tours make you think that you need to spend a lot of money.  It's a strength in numbers game. Bigger fields, lower scores, on quality golf courses .  That's all it is!  You can do all of that for so much less on the JGA Tour and have a lot of $ left over. Further, with our built in college recruitment and personal relationships with college coaches, we not only share the information & contacts needed to get you there, we can save you a lot of time and money.  Plus, we send our results to over 2,200+ college golf coaches.  

If you don't want to play golf in college, enjoy our events and the great courses that host JGA Tour events.  Either way, play great golf courses with other great kids like yourself, for less money.  

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Knowledgeable Staff
Good Pace of Play
Offers appropriate skill level for me or my kids
Play is governed in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf
Good golf courses on the schedule
Quality college golf recruitment offerings
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* 7. College Coaches (request for contact info: New Coaches and coaches who want more information about specific players or the tour) - Welcome to the JGA Tour & Recruitment Services! We will add you to our 2,200+ college golf coaches database, so you can learn more about our jr. golfers.

* 8. College Golf Coach:  Are you interested in a specific JGA Tour player or players?  If so, who?