* 1. Are You:

* 2. Have you taken a 311-371 level Special Topics Art History lecture (W) class yet?

* 3. Which statement below is closest to your opinion about the new 311-371 Special Topics lecture (W) classes

* 4. Please indicate your preferences for class scheduling.

  great time for me workable, but not great I would never take a class at this time
Monday 9:45am-12:25pm
Monday 1:10pm-3:50pm
Monday 4:10pm-6:50pm
Monday 7:00pm-9:40pm
Tuesday 9:45am-12:25pm
Tuesday 4:10pm-6:50pm
Tuesday 7:00pm-9:40pm
Wednesday 9:45am-12:25pm
Wednesday 1:10pm-3:50pm
Wednesday 4:10pm-6:50pm
Wednesday 7:00pm-9:40pm
Thursday 9:45am-12:25pm
Thursday 1:10pm-3:50pm
Thursday 4:10pm-6:50pm
Thursday 7:00pm-9:40pm
Friday 9:45am-12:25pm
Friday 1:10pm-3:50pm
Friday 4:10pm-6:50pm
Friday 7:00pm-9:40pm