Per the conversation sparked between myself and my friend Paulette Martineau in the final part of our three episode series, "Two Girls, One Bunk" that I featured on my podcast - we are super curious to delve into some of the reasons why men and women hate one another (listen here:

We're not talking about this in the way of hating one another to the point of not associating with the opposite sex, but more of an honest inquiry into some of the deeply seeded resentments we hold toward one another - whether a result of cultural and social influence, experiences we've had, trauma we've endured, and more.

This survey is 100% anonymous, as we want truly honest answers from anyone who decides to submit their thoughts and feelings - and it's purely for a social experiment, to feel into and understand this concept more deeply.

Thank you so much in advance, to anyone who takes the time to contribute!

Men: Why do you hate women?

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* 1. Men: Why do you hate women?

Women: Why do you hate men?

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* 2. Women: Why do you hate men?