1. Rebuilding: Gorilla Users Conference 2009

This is a survey to determine if we should hold Users' Conference as a seminar in Chicago, or online with streaming video. It will also help us provide YOU with the information YOU need. Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

* 1. Demographic Information

* 2. Would you be more interested in attending an actual seminar, probably Chicago, October 29-30 (about $1,400 including lodging and meals) or should we hold a 2-day seminar online ($695 for your entire office)?"

* 3. I have compiled this list of possible topics from Users' Conference Survey #1. Please indicate how interested you would be in each topic. We will build this seminar around what you want to learn.

  Forget it Low Interest Maybe That could work A "Must Include" Topic
Capture All The Assets: An 18 Month Strategy
Identifying and Cultivating the Best Prospects for Strategic Relationships.
Prospecting the Disgruntled Market: Profiting from the Mistakes of Others.
The Fabled HNW Market: Three Alternative Strategies to Capture It.
Making Networking Work: How to Develop and Manage a Personal Network of Future Clients
Prospecting With New Technology: How to Attract People to You with Websites, Blogs, and Social Networking
Managing the Sales Pipeline: All You Need to Keep It Moving
What’s Working Today: Featuring High Producing Gorillas Telling Exactly What They Are Doing to Achieve Results
From Invite to Closing the Sale: Making Workshops Work Today.