This is the biggest poll we have, but if you don't have enough time, you can answer only first two questions. Thanks for participating!

* 1. Our mission is to provide all people of the world with a possibility to buy and sell digital currencies; please point us in right direction telling what payment methods we should consider adding first (or improve remaining ones). Please start from specifying, are you mostly "buyer" or "seller" of cryptocurrencies:

* 2. What do you consider the most usefull and convenient way(s) of payment in general, when buying or selling cryptocurrencies?

* 3. If you are using bank wire transfers, what is more important for you, or ignore if you are not using this payment method:

* 4. Are you interested in increase of local bank transfers support? If yes, please let us know what kind of transfers we should add (for example, Sofort, Ideal, etc.), and/or what banks in your country are you mostly using (for example, HSBC in UK)? Please ignore the question if you consider it irrelevant.

* 5. If you wishing to see more ways of making cash deposits, please tell us, do you prefer to make such payments at banks or through agents network (money transmitters, cash payment agencies like Western Union, etc.), and what banks/agencies we should consider adding in the first place. Ignore if it's not important.

* 6. If you would like us to add support of more kinds of cash vouchers and/or prepaid cards (like Ukash, CashU, PaySafeCards) please tell us what you'd like to use. Please ignore if not interested.

* 7. Need increased support of credit/debit cards? Please tell us what exactly you are interested in or just move to the next question:

* 9. If in your area there are payment terminals (cash vending kiosks, usually used for topping up mobile phone balance with cash) and you are interested to use them for digital currencies purchase, please let us know what terminals networks you will prefer:

* 10. Almost every country or region has local e-wallet providers, popular payment systems like AliPay in China or Yandex.Money in Russia. Accounts in such systems are usually easy to fund with local currency. So, the service of exchanging funds from such e-wallets to bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies (and vice versa) can be fast and easy way to buy and sell digital currencies with fiat money. What do you think about such service? If you are interested, please let us know what payment systems are popular in your area to add it to our service:

* 11. (Optionally) Please enter your email address; and as soon as we add desired payment option, we’ll let you know. We’ll also give you great discounts for the first orders! And don’t worry, we won’t spam you: